Between Love And Infatuation

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Feelings and love are so interconnected in their meanings and synonyms that it's easy to mix up these two terms and confuse them. In the realm of heartfelt love, mixing these two words in a way, either knowingly or unconsciously has been shown to be harmful to the desire for happy relationships. 

The terms that refer to infatuation are passion, obsession, craze as well as love and fascination.

The words that describe love are feelings of affection, love and worship, be committed to, love with, take care of the most, love irresistible, become in love with and keep an eye on.

If you just take a brief glance at the synonyms for each word, you will not be able to distinguish the two. If you conduct a deeper analysis, you will be able to see the subtle line between the differences. 

It is more difficult to handle the different aspects once you realize that love and affection are both emotions and feelings.

However, here are some methods to distinguish love from infatuation:

"Love" feels like an emotion that originates out of the soul as well as heart. Infatuation is a sensation that is stimulated by hormones the ego and chemistry.
* It is possible to be in love with someone and not fully comprehend the person.
* You could be infatuated with someone and not be connected to them.
* To truly cherish someone, you must be aware of their desires, hopes and desires.
* To truly love someone you must be linked to them in an unique way.
"Love is universal, and is able to be shared with anyone.
It is common to be obsessed with only someone with a different gender.
* Love requires sacrifice and service.
Infatuation is an instantaneous sensation that fades once you are forced to give up some thing.
* The attraction fades as time passes.
* Love gets stronger as time passes.
When you are in love, you are able to sacrifice any thing without thinking twice.
* Young people often misinterpret the two concepts of love and obsession.
Infatuation focuses on the development and satisfaction of oneself.
* Love is about the development and happiness of another person or object.
* Infatuation solely depends on physical satisfaction.
* The desire to be infatuated fades after the physical craving, which is usually sexual intimacy, has ended.
* Love refers to a sharing which may or may not include physical interactions such as sexual interactions.
* Infatuation focuses on the attainment of physical intimacy and materialistic objectives.
* Love can lead to spiritual goals.
* Love involves discipline.

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* Love can be defined as a relationship that has long-term growth goals.
* Infatuation is a short-term worry, and growth isn't generally the objective.
* Many marriages founded on infatuation or first attraction do not succeed.
* The majority of marriages are based on love's emotion will last for a lifetime.
* People who are older generally aren't as interested.
* The capacity to love grows as you get older.

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