Nowadays, we have more information about what causes or breaks marriages than we ever have. Although some divorce statistics may be misleading, around 25 percent of marriages are satisfying. Nearly everyone in America is to be married in some way in their lives, with just 5% remaining unmarried for the rest of their lives.

However, many issues begin prior to the wedding usually due to people marrying with the wrong motive. In the words of Neil Clark Warren notes, certain men are bound by one rule "I am taller than her."

It is essential to be more thorough in our quest to make the right decision about who we'll be spending for the duration of lives with. The best way to begin is by creating an inventory of ten things you don't like and ten things that you should be able to. For example, if being with smoking is non-negotiable thing, put it on your list of "can't stands." If honesty is a requirement, then add it to your list of 10 "must haves."

This is a quick but effective exercise which can spare you from discomfort and heartache. If someone's behavior is in you "can't stand" list of characteristics, then you've got several objective indicators to judge your relationship and the reverse is also true.

Another thing to remember is that marriage won't remove the baggage you have in your life. Many people marry thinking that their new relationship could "fix" things, when actually, it only makes things more complicated. As Les Parrot shares, "Get yourself healthy before you get yourself married." We all have our baggage however, we must tackle the difficult task of confronting it and being open with our partners before we can say, "I do."

Consider your current situation by estimating the bond you have with your partner, girlfriend or your spouse. In the words of Anthony Robbins summarizes, there are four levels of love and you must be accountable to your spouse and yourself to be able to meet the needs of your loved ones at levels three or four in order to give your relationship the best chance to succeed.

The term "level one love" refers to when one person is selfishly taking and does not give back. It is not a healthy relationship you can be in and must be addressed immediately in order to continue to thrive.

The second stage of love is giving and take, often referred to as horse-trading. When this is the case, partners will offer to give what they have been offered to, and not more. It is a dangerous and insecure location to be in. Although you cannot change your relationship with someone else however, you can make a decision that you'll never reside here.

The third level of love is the point where things bloom because every partner is generous and expects nothing to be returned. At this point, they give because that's who they are. When two people satisfy their needs at this level , their connection can provide the satisfaction and trust they both want.

The above three levels are about the intimate relationship we have with others, four love is the one Jesus was talking about when he said be a loving and compassionate person to your adversaries. At this point, a person is loved by those who want to commit a crime. This kind of love determines your relationship with the world. I'm not convinced that most people can maintain this level quite a long time, particularly without regular prayer and awe of God.

For the time being the best source for additional assistance could be The Dr. John Gottman's work Why Marriages Work or Fail.

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A ex-pastor, Tobin has a B.A. as well as an M.A. in theology. In the past, he traveled extensively with his time in the Marine Corps and as a graduate student, Tobin has spent the fifteen years collecting the most profound life-changing insights. Tobin is his own author for The It's a Life That Is Really Life: How Biblical Truth can Transform Your physical, emotional, and Relational Health. It's available on Amazon and also at: Escorts in pune

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